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What does Triputhao charge for their services?

Triputhao's convenience fees is applied over the offer made by the driver and selected by the travel company

How will my customer feedback work?

The Driver gets rating on the app which is closed only with the Transport Code available on white label guest voucher. In case the rating of the trip is below 3 i.e 1 or 2 then Trip Uthao team connects with the driver and requests travel company to connect with the guest if we mutually find the complaint of the guest is genuine then we deduct a penalty fee from drivers balance 60% payment and pass that amount to travel company which they can further pass to the guest as a gesture of goodwill.

What if I need to speak to someone?

Our support line number is +911413343555 for travel companies press 1 for driver partners press 2 and you will be connected with the respective departments relationship managers.

What should I do if my client has any special requests?

In case you are aware of some additional requirement for the guest then while posting guest itinerary you will find a text box labeled  as additional requirement. When drivers will review your itinerary they will include the cost of additional requirement in their respective offer/bid.

How the Drivers will get paid ?

The trip of the guest is only confirm when travel company transfer 100% of the net trip offer in TRIPUTHAO's account. The drivers get 40% of the trip offer amount directly in their linked bank account before the trip begins and the balance 60% is transferred within 3 working days of the completion date of the trip.

What about Drivers Night Allowance, Tolls, Parking Etc ?

While giving the offer/bid over the itinerary the driver will consider Tour Cost , Toll & Taxes as well as night allowance. The Driver offer will be garage to garage and will mention maximum allowed travel kilometers to the guests and per kilometer rate for the extra traveled kilometers directly payable to the driver by guest if applicable.

What if Driver is unable to be present for the trip due to an unforeseen situation?

If such case travel company will be updated with the replacement of the driver and vehicle from that respective sector driver. If a driver if find doing such cancellation frequently then they will be barred from the system and an action will be taken on them

How to finalize a trip?

Once after posting guests itinerary on TRIPUTHAO the drivers available on the trip start circuit gets a notification on their mobile app and the start reviewing it and once after doing their trip costing they start sending proposals.

Based on the proposal sent by the taxi drivers the  travel company  see the supplied documents, pictures of vehicle condition and an intro video of the driver which will help to take a decision on behalf of the guests on selection of driver and vehicle. On shortlisting the driver Travel company need to accept the proposal made by the driver and further on agreement of the acceptance from the driver Travel companies sees the amount transfer link for that itinerary . On successful transfer of the 100% net offer/bid the driver is allocated for the trip.

How would Drivers gain access to client information?

The Client info is visible to the client only to the trip allotted driver on the day of arrival so that they can connect with the guest on arrival and there further.

How do drivers bid on the itinerary?

The Registered Drivers with Triputhao have got a mobile application with gets a notification when any new itinerary arrived. When they select the notification driver app is navigated to the detailed itinerary. Once after reviewing the itinerary the drivers considers the following:-

a) Tour Cost (Duration and Expected kms on the shared itinerary)

b) Tolls & Taxes

c) Parking Charges on the monuments, railway station, airports, etc

d) Driver Allowance

e) Any additional Requirement Mentioned in the itinerary

Then the driver after calculating place the offer/bid

What documents/ information do I need to join Triputhao Driver Team?

  • A Yellow Number Plate Vehicle
  • Make After Year 2013
  • Valid Registration Copy
  • Insurance
  • Permits
  • Fitness
  • Driver Licence
  • Address Proof
  • Police Verification
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Pan Card
  • Canceled Cheque (for linking bank accounts for payments)
  • Appointment to connect with relationship manager (call +911413343555 and dial 2, during business hours)

Are there any charges for registering with Triputhao?

The registration with Triputhao is free of cost and on registration you get free credits to place offer/bid and posting itinerary. Which can get updated by taking a prepaid credits to know more call our relationship manager +911413343555

How do I download the Driver app?

Android Phone .: Driver Mobile App from Google Play Store Download


How do I register?

Travel Companies - +911413343555 and press 1

Driver Call - +911413343555 and press 2

Our Relationship Managers will help you in getting you registered

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